Thinking of starting a business after the end of coronavirus pandemic?

After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, new businesses will be birth. However, starting a business can be challenging as there are factors to put into consideration before venturing into a particular business.

Although, it is common to see people fret when planning a business to do. This can be because of a lack of adequate material and financial resources. How to get past this stage and start your own business is the topic of discussion in this article.

When starting a business it is expected to garner knowledge about the business you’ve chosen to venture into but some excuses can also delay a person from starting a business.

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Fears that prevent people from starting a business

1. What if the business fails?

Most times, this is one of the excuses that prevent people from starting a business. Fears of starting a business. The fear that the business might collapse can be disturbing than starting a business. It is expected that before you start a business you must have carried out a feasibility study. You don’t start a business you have no interest in or knowledge about. If you intend starting a business after the pandemic, you should have a mindset that you are in for business and if peradventure the business fails, dust yourself up and try again. Take it that the first time, you were testing the waters. It is not the number of times you failed but the number of times you were able to rise again. This time around, come out fully prepared and determined.

2. I’m the shy type

Sadly, some people believe that for a businessperson to thrive in any business, he/she must be an extrovert. Fears of starting a business. Not knowing how to talk or communicate with people has limited people from starting a business. First, you need to know that there is no rule that states that you must be an extrovert for you to succeed in business. As a matter of fact, not all businesses require you have a formal interaction with your customers. Some ‘’businesses speak for themselves’’. If this has been a constraint or an excuse for you not starting that business, note it now, you can start that business whether you are introvert or extrovert. What you need is politeness and making sure you satisfy your customers.

3. How do I compete with others in the same line of business?

This shouldn’t be an excuse if truly you want to start a business after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. You should know that every business has competitors. Fears of starting a business. Finding a way to attract customers to your business and not fighting for authority with your competitor(s) is a strategy you can carefully create. Seeking answers on how you can compete with others in the same business before you start is okay but, it should not be an excuse. However, if you consider this as a drawback then, run a background check on your would-be competitors. Critically, analyze their business to see their loopholes. Doing this will make their weaknesses turn to strength in your business.

4. No work experience in the business-related field

Having a basic knowledge of the business you plan to go into is essential. You shouldn’t be scared of the fact that you have zero experience in any business-related field. Fears of starting a business. Take note of this. Not every graduate from a business school is a better business or salesperson. Before you start that business, do well to garner knowledge on the things that would be efficient for your business. For instance, you are not a management graduate but you are likely going to use accounting software in your business. To have you achieve that, search for such software and learn how to use it and the purpose.

In modern businesses, the use of the software’s in running a business cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, you not having any work experience or certificate in a business-related field should not be an excuse for not starting a business after the pandemic. With these tools, you can solve issues ranging from accounting, and how to grow your business.

5. The business looks saturated already

Almost every business is saturated but, your ideas can make you stand out. Fears of starting a business. If you are thinking of starting a business after the coronavirus pandemic and one of your excuses is that the business you intend to go into is saturated, you have to wear your thinking cap. Whether the industry is saturated or not, you should concentrate more on the value you will offer which others aren’t offering.

6. Business is hectic

This comment can only come from an ‘’unserious person’’. Fears of starting a business. There is no easy way. Whether you work as an employee or business or salesperson, you must know that every job/ business has its own stress. No doubt, as a business person, you have to think of innovative ways on how to grow your business

Business is stressful only if you fail to plan. To overcome this fear and start your business, run a feasibility check on the business you plan to venture into, have the mental framework, and stay motivated.

7. Lack of self- discipline

Thinking of starting a business yet you are not certain if that is what you really want has prevented so many from starting a business. Actually, before you even think of starting a business, you have to put the SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity &Threat) into considerations. For you to succeed in business, you must believe in yourself.

If you are starting as a small business owner, develop a business plan, and create room for expansion.


Overcoming these fears can help you start that business you have been planning for long. Fears of starting a business. If your business is still in the planning stage, you should know these things are not sufficient enough to prevent you from going ahead with your plans. Starting a business after the coronavirus pandemic will be a nice idea. However, you research the type of business to start should be done now and do not wait after things normalize before you start thing of what to do.

Most times, the business that failed happened because there was no solid plan. If you’ve found or discovered the business to start, write a detailed business plan on how to execute the business.

Do not look at the negative sides, with your strategy, any business can be lucrative. Overcome these fears and start your business.

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